American Panel Tec

About Us

AMERICAN PANEL TEC® (APT) was established in 1989 with a goal of bringing a new level of performance to the construction industry. This performance is achieved through the application of advanced computer technology, quality control techniques, and an unfailing commitment to excellence by our experienced staff. At AMERICAN PANEL TEC, this adds up to on-time, on-budget performance in the supply of lightweight steel framed panels and trusses. The customer is the beneficiary of this total performance through the timely completion of a profitable project.

Our staff is comprised of a specialized group of technicians and construction professionals with years of experience in this specific area of construction. We bring this experience and dedication into every project from start to finish. On-time performance, computer-driven technology and cost effective pricing are characteristics of all APT projects.

Our factory is located in South Plainfield, Central New Jersey giving us excellent access to the interstate highway system. Our production facility consists of 90,000 sq. ft. of fully craned manufacturing and storage area. Your project will be managed from start to finish utilizing proprietary computer software developed by us to meet the unique demands of prefabricated construction.

John Lanzilotta is a founding partner and President of American Panel Tec. From the company's beginning in 1989 John's hands on approach to business and dedication to quality and detail have helped successfully guide American Panel Tec from its infancy in the late 80's into the industry leader for prefabricated lightweight steel panelized structures. He is an expert in light gage framing and brings that expertise to insure American Panel Tec's growth and success.
  • 30+ years in lightweight steel framing
  • Successfully guided the design, fabrication, coordination, and delivery of literally hundreds of panelized mid-rise buildings.
  • Developed numerous detailing, fabrication, and manufacturing processes to aid in the efficient design and construction of panels and trusses
Industry Experience
30+ years
John Lanzilotta